Country Fairs & Shows

Visitors of all ages will remember trying archery at your event for years to come.  Archery provides a brilliant attraction to country events, fairs and shows, in keeping with tradition and your event, and we take care of everything. Our qualified and experienced coaches provide one to one tuition and supervision to all participants, enhancing the customer experience and ensuring safety.

To keep your costs to a minimum, we charge participants “per go”, often returning your fee and making you a profit.

To cover our costs, we charge a minimum fee per day for archery. Once your initial fee has been recouped, we then operate on a profit share basis – splitting the profits 50:50 with you. For larger events such as the Cumberland Show we provide additional staff to cater for the volume of visitors – making you a greater profit and entertaining more of your visitors. If you expect in excess of 2000 visitors we will arrange additional staffing.

For safety, we ask that there be plenty of space (or a big hill etc.) behind and to the side of our targets. We’ll do the rest, roping off the area and providing one to one support to your visitors. The front of our stand can fit in with a line of trade stands to help you maximise your available space.

Please get in touch to arrange a free meeting to discuss having archery at your event.