Medieval Trebuchet Building

Corporate team building challenge to build a medieval trebuchet. A competitive group game to construct a machine and earn points against other teams

Build A Trebuchet: A Team Building Challenge in Carlisle, Cumbria

Build A Trebuchet: A Team Building Challenge

Travel back in time to construct this giant siege weapon. Work as a team to build a trebuchet and score points as you fling projectiles at the castle. Fine tune your aim, power and trajectory to make the perfect shot and take the keep.

How To Build a Trebuchet: It’s All About teamwork!

Bring your team together with this unusual team building idea. Armed with design plans, tools and materials, you will quickly grasp how to build a trebuchet step by step. Your groups will compete to be the first to construct your trebuchet. Your people will work as a team to build their medieval siege weapon, then aim it at the castle keep and unleash their projectiles. Your group will earn points depending on the accuracy and number of hits, then it’s a race against the clock to deconstruct your machine before time runs out.

Trebuchet Building Challenge organisation

  • Group size: 4+
  • Key outcomes: fun, communication, confidence, cooperation, inclusion, leadership, problem solving, teamwork, time management
  • Venue requirements: Suitable for most venues with outdoor space

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